Monday, March 31, 2008

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?....

... to the Flower Show @ Macy*s - 2008!
My friend Monica and I visited the show Friday night -
sorry...the last day of the show was March 30th but you can check out our pics:notice here I have my hand over my purse in typical nyc preparedness....
This one was amazing- it was the entire globe of flowers -
The designer is Preston Bailey -
check out his website for some more awesome designs/creations:
Also check out his blog:
I think I am in front of Asia or Australia??? Geography grade = D-
i want all these scarves from the Met Museum gift shop!trying to order at The Ginger House.... Monica trying to trying to talk to hubby on her cellie in the noisy Ginger House.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Training, Tampa 2008 ( many places are bigger than my apartment?)

Obviously, the sky is bigger....
This stall in the ladies room at the Tampa Airport is very close to being bigger than my apartment...The rental car is NOT bigger than my apartment (close)-
(note scooby doo sun visor that I got from Jose Jr's school fundraiser!)
Hibiscus at Legends Field , Tampa

Did I mention that I weigh as much as Jorge Posada? # 20!
Hip Hip! Jorge!

A leetle the drive thru of the Steak & Shake... I stayed at a Ho Jo's....
Here is the FIRE ESCAPE PLAN on the inside of the door -
I belive the plan is to jump into the POOL....

My suitcase didn't get on the same flight as me, however, Delta did deliver it to my hotel by 10pm that night - but I stopped at PUBLIX for a few things and luckily could get some "Items for the Last Minute"..... the shaving cream is "hers" - in case some guy got confused and thought he might shave his face with 'Raspberry Mist" shaving cream?????

The back of the package listed these items - did I just shave my legs with toothpaste and mouthwash???!!!! Items for the last minute of what????!!!! Maybe it should be:
"packaging for the items not appearing in this package" at the last minute???

...random lady with hot dog - the sunlight was glistening off the ketchup - beautiful...Trying to even out my sunburn...The Joe Girardi Show is coming soon to the YES Network -
anyone know how I can get on the show!!!? (besides the fact that I weigh as much as Jorge Posada????) Feel free to comment....
The Yankees Win!Shalom! a Heberew Hot Dog - only $5.00?????????KEEP OUT!!! Do NOT try to get the autograph of this tree!!!!!!!!! I thought better of diving from the bridge after reading this Florida Statute:

Seriously bigger than my apartment, my suite at HoJo's...... THE POOL IS IN THE PARKING LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Leetle Leezard appears to have followed me from the Steak & Shake, to the pool in the parking lot... Wearing of the green for St. Patty's day! 3/17/08
At the Tampa airport - pretty nice sunburn...and a must-have: FLORIDA hoodie.Lucy is glad that I am back home!Had to bring a little vacation home.....Cotton Candy!

Happy Spring!!!!!! :)