Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The GYPSY in my soul.....a tv gig!

On Tuesday 5/13 - I shot a promo spot for (NBC) Maury Povich
(not sure when/where exactly it will air) - I played a Gypsy Palm Reader

Rings on my fingers...

Gypsy ate too much chocolate over the weekend (see forehead)

In Wardrobe

the "nerdy client"...Jason!
(check out his film "Poultrygeist - Night of the Chicken Dead"

The Gypsy lurks outside the men's room

I guess all those years of being a Gypsy on Halloween finally paid off!

also - I could not get this song out of my head -
(starts at around :42)


Abagail Adams said...

I love, love, love lucy!!!!!

michele fox said...

Who doesn't love a fortune teller-especially when she's right!