Friday, January 9, 2009

Coming Soon to FRIGID NY! A New Play!!!

Loose Moon / Al Dente Productions Presents:
"LIVE! … at the Cockpit: Will at Work with the Lord Chamberlain’s Men”
@ The KRAINE Theater
84 E. 4th Street (between 2nd Ave & Bowery)
5 shows only

Opening Night: Thurs., Feb. 26 @10:30

Sun., March 1 @ 5:30

Tues., March 3 @ 10:30

Thurs., March 5 @ 9:00

Sun., March 8 @ 1:00

Tickets $16

Tickets available @ SmartTix:


for Cash Only Ticket purchase: send an email with date of performance, name, phone number, number of people to:
Back stage fun and acting adventures at the 1599 Globe Theatre - our postmodern palette. The Lord Chamberlain’s “Men” (with William Shakespeare as The Lion) will begin with the end of a performance: “…the most lamentable comedy and tragic death of Pyramus and Thisby.” Watch Shakespeare direct work on selected scenes from Henry V and Hamlet, and rehearse famous scenes from Henry IV, Part I. Will will work with the men responsible for the fabulously famous “First Folio” (John Heminge and Henry Condell), and the company’s lead actor, Richard Burbage, as well as the “man” purported to have played “Falstaff” before the Queen, Thomas Pope. Musician/actor Augustine Phillips is here too with his trumpet, bass/viol and tambourine. But it’s our “Nell” (played by Evie Aronson) who runs the show.

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