Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was out of the office of my day job on Tuesday - when I walked into the office on Wednesday morning I walked right into the site of a Crime Scene...

Close up from east angle...Mouse was apparently the only witness, but later fled the scene. Notice: doors of taxi are open....

Victim was attempting to hit "enter" on keyboard for help.

Victim before the accident - anonymous stress-muscle man (that's like a stress ball, but it's a muscle man instead)

N.Y.C. Flower Taxi medallion 3LNY
(but on the side door it's 8J38A) prior to accident.
The crime scene has been cleared up, and the stress-muscle man is again available for use.
If anyone has any information about the events leading up to this crime scene, please call 1-555-CSIMYDESK .
You do not have to leave your name.


Anonymous said...

I know who did it, and where they live.

Anonymous said...

Some are saying that the mouse is a rat. By some accounts, the mouse has been located and brought in for questioning.