Thursday, July 5, 2012

IRTE Presents: That Kick Ass Time Jump Show

IRTE Presents: That Kick Ass Time Jump Show*
*Please don't sue us, Scott Bakula

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Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Doctor Sam Bakula led an elite group of improvisers into the desert to develop a top secret project, known asTHAT KICK ASS TIME JUMP PROJECT! Pressured to prove his theories, Doctor Bakula, prematurely stepped into the KICK ASS TIME JUMP ACCELERATOR and vanished.

Trapped in the past, the doctor finds himself improvising from life to life, putting things right, that once went wrong, kicking ass and hoping each time, that his next kick ass jump will be the kick ass jump home. … "Oh Boy"

IRTE is leaping back into theatres with their latest long-form improvised comedy.

Facebook Event:
Sunday, August 5, 6:00pm @ The Creek and the Cave – FREE

The Creek and The Cave - 10-93 Jackson Ave. - Long Island City, NY 11101 - (718) 706-8783 - - 7 to Vernon/Jackson / G to 21 St/Van Alst / E/M to 23 St/Ely Ave

The cast of That Kick Ass Time Jump Project includes:

Evie Aronson * Philip Casale *Nannette Deasy*Alex Decaneas*Curt Dixon* Adam Leong*Jamie Maloney  *** Directed by Robert Baumgardner
Original Concept by Adam Leong (and Donald Bellisario... well, sort of)
"a clever cacophony of topical humor, retro references, and on-their-feet wit ... a merry chase" , Bob Greene, Outerstage
Facebook Event:

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