Wednesday, November 14, 2007


When i was in 8th grade at the SWR Middle School on L.I. - we had an "assembly" and a band called the Tomcats played for us -(please don't try to figure out what year that was) I was one of the first ones on the dance floor that day - we loved it! ROCKABILLY!
Later we learned they changed their name to the STRAY CATS, and everyone knew about them (Sexy & 17, Rock This Town et al.)! we felt really cool, cause we heard them first! :)
(Admit it - how many of you choreographed a dance to "Stray Cat Strut" for the school variety show?...anyone?)
Anyway - I love the Brian Setzer Orchestra -
sorry I can't catch the NYC show this month -but check the website for other tour dates:
Keep on rockin'!
You can hear Brian Setzer Orchestra on the soundtrack of many Holiday films such as: '96 JINGLE ALL THE WAY – “Jingle Bells” ~ '03 ELF – “Nutcracker Suite” ~ '07 FRED CLAUS – “Dig That Crazy Santa Clause”

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Nicole said...

Wow. I live in Wading River and my son goes to the Middle School. I wish they had such assemblies.

I remember when the Stray Cats first got popular. I didn't remember that they played local venues. They're from LI right?

So cool to have happened upon this post!